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In-stream Online Video Ad CPM Higher than Cable Prime Time?

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
In-stream Online Video Ad CPM Higher than Cable Prime Time?We now have an idea of the video ad CPM pecking order... but we're not going to spill it here because that defeats the purpose of this excerpt. This new report does do one thing, supports our hypothetical Hulu average CPM math back in December... Want the specifics? Then you need to read on Reel Believers! You may just be amazed.

Comcast Want to Further Monetize VOD Content with Even More Ads

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
Comcast Want to Further Monetize VOD Content with Even More AdsThe cable industry has been facing some real challenges over the past few years, the least of which is cord cutting. Now Comcast must be feeling the sting of all those lost subscribers because they're starting to dream up new ways to monetize content via more video advertising.

The Online TV Network That Cried Wolf: Hulu Doesn’t Sell Again

Friday, July 12th, 2013
The Online TV Network That Cried Wolf: Hulu Doesn't Sell AgainHulu didn't sell again. Back in 2011, it looked like it was hot to sell and then it pulled out at the last minute. And this year, it looked like it was hot to sell again. But Hulu has proven to be one big tease again in 2013.

ABC Makes Live TV Possible on Any iOS Device

Monday, May 13th, 2013
ABC Makes Live TV Possible on Any iOS DeviceABC is making their live broadcasts available through their "Watch ABC" app, which is being regarded as a move to combat embattled live-streaming service Aereo. ABC becomes the first major network to make an app available to broadcast all their shows live.

Web Series Round Up – New Shows to Advertise Against or Sponsor as a Brand

Saturday, December 8th, 2012
Web Series Round Up - New Shows to Advertise Against or Sponsor as a Brand

So another month is upon us and that means more cool new content for you to check out and maybe advertise against or, in some cases, perhaps even sponsor as a brand. With it being December I imagine that production is probably wrapping up on most things for the year and everything will probably be on the quiet side. Still, that just means we all have a bit more time to watch all the content we haven't had time to see just yet.

Greyhounds: The Dogumentary Show

New this month is a brand sponsored show called The Dogumentary. It's a brand sponsored series of videos created by Phil Parkin and crew at Quick Feet::

'Greyhounds: The Dogumentary' follows these talking dogs of all ages as they frolic as puppies, race as youths and reminisce in retirement. Woofs, barks and cheeky giggles!

Here's a sample episode:

Click here to watch this video.

Of course, this is already brand sponsored, but that means it's particularly good to advertise against.

Revision3 & Discovery Communications: DNews

Produced by Revision3 and available on YouTubeat DiscoveryNews.comat and across numerous digital platforms, DNews is hosted by Anthony Carboni, Laci Green and Trace Dominguez, who act as curators of the most topical stories through three original daily video pieces. Together the DNews team makes science digestible, fun and irreverent – yet still analytical and informative.

Click here to watch this video.

The Charity P0rn Initiative Series

The Charity P0rn Initiative is a web series written by John Banas that we will be launching in 2013. Here's a teaser for the new show: The C.P. Initiative - Dirty Money

Click here to watch this video.

The premise for the series focuses on an aspiring internet mogul who finds himself caught up in a maelstrom of lies, moral politics, money, and sex as a result of his new website, which raises a whole lot more than money.

Producer Peter Slee established the website in 2009, pursuing an unlikely marriage between Charitable Works and Adult Entertainment. Australian TV writer, John Banas recognised the dramatic potential of the website’s premise and teamed up with Slee in 2011 to develop the material into a series.

ABC Launching “GMA Live” Web Show

ABC News is launching a live daily Web show tied to its “Good Morning America” franchise. The 15-minute program “GMA Live,” will stream on and at 9:15 AM every weekday starting on Monday, December 10, and will be available on-demand afterward.

Anchors and contributors will vary day to day, with Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer, Sam Champion, and Amy Robach all taking turns hosting.

ZoomTilt TV Reset Web Series Finalists

Right now, four of the five finalists have submitted and had their pilot episodes published, including yours truly. None of the shows have been greenlit yet as the competition is still ongoing. However, you can get a sneak peek at them all below via those same pilot episodes. These are all shows that are vying for brand sponsorship in order to get a first season made.

Spycology (Action Comedy)

How did Bond become so awesome in SkyFall and Casino Royale? Spy College, naturally. New featured action comedy web series Spycology follows a class of aspiring spies-in-training as they navigate the foibles of college life, ridiculous training, hand-to-hand combat, shootouts and intense live-fire simulations. In the explosive Season Premiere, a new girl in class spurs our slacking protagonist Jack to take his vocation more seriously in order to evade expulsion.

Click here to watch this video.

The Pickup Chicks - Episode 1 (Romantic Comedy)

In this new romantic comedy web series, Brooklyn roomies Darcy, Emma, and Jane stumble upon a brilliant idea for self-employment: why not take clueless guys out for a night on the town, and use their collective girl power to transform dunderhead dudes into dashing pickup artists on the dating scene? To their surprise, their pickup tips, advice and strategies become a smashing success. But while the The Pickup Chicks' mission is to reinvent the perfect man, they might just find that they end up reinventing themselves and their relationships in the process. In the tradition of Sex and the City, HBO's Girls and Dating Rules for My Future Self, creators Stacie Capone and Jason Nunes open audiences eyes to a new perspective on the experience of independent, empowered single women in New York City.

Click here to watch this video.

Cool Justice - Episode 1 (Comedy)

Picture Starsky & Hutch meets Reno 911, where anything can and does happen. In this hilarious new comedy web series, two larger-than-life, cryogenically frozen undercover cops (Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh) from the 70's are thawed out in present day L.A. to help a hottie heiress, Zoe BenEffron (Camila Greenberg), claim her missing millions. Together the unlikely threesome are set to bust up bad guys old-school-style while following cryptic-clues left by Zoe's eccentric billionaire-scientist-grandfather.

Click here to watch this video.

Not So Super - Episode 1 (Superhero Noir Drama) (This one's mine!)

What happens when a superhero hits a midlife crisis? Vince (Christophor Rick - AKA me) is having problems in both halves of his life. At home, his marriage is crumbling, and while 'on duty,' he's been feeling not so super. His lack of confidence is painfully evident, and the city is losing faith. "Not So Super" twists classic comic book archetypes into a dark indie drama.

Click here to watch this video.

Some Assembly Required

It's a series of short (under 1 minute) comedic videos that highlight the awkward and embarrassing moments in life that we all struggle through on a daily basis.  These are humiliating shortcomings that all humans face at one point or another throughout their week.  The weekly under 60 seconds videos are a nice digestible dose of funny.

Click here to watch this video.

Online Video Viewers Mostly Steady While Viewing Dips in October

Monday, November 19th, 2012
Online Video Viewers Mostly Steady While Viewing Dips in October

comScore released the Video Metrix late last week but I didn't have time to get it as I was deep in post production on something. From looking at the numbers a lot of people were online watching video last month but it didn't translate into a lot more videos being watched according to the report.

Last month 182.5 million people in the US watched video online. But they only averaged 1254.4 minutes per viewer and 37.2 billion videos. That's lower viewing per user than the previous month when it was 1399 minutes each, but it's a million more viewers. In the end it was about 2 billion less videos. A video is, by comScore's definition:

any streamed segment of audiovisual content, including both progressive downloads and live streams. For long-form, segmented content, (e.g. television episodes with ad pods in the middle) each segment of the content is counted as a distinct video stream.Video views are inclusive of both user-initiated and auto-played videos that are viewed for longer than 3 seconds.

Depending on the length of the piece of video content and the number of ads it could be that there are really only 10 billion videos being viewed a month. We just don't know because comScore continues to use this murky definition of what a video is.

Where We Watch

It will surely be no surprise to anyone that Google is still king of the hill in terms of viewers, videos and minutes per viewer. What might be a bit surprising is that Yahoo! is second this month and NDN, who entered the chart last month, has risen to third with 53.2 million viewers. Or maybe it's not so surprising as NDN is designed to make newsworthy content that is then syndicated out to major news outlets online. It does show a definite rift in the online video industry suddenly. Video for entertainment has been big for some time, but not online video news seems to be growing quite rapidly. Still, the majority of the top 10 in online video are still showing entertainment video most of the time.  VEVO thumped AOL this month, Grab media dropped to 10th, Amazon disappeared and CBS reappeared.

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties Ranked by Unique Video Viewers October 2012 - Total U.S. – Home and Work Locations Content Videos Only (Ad Videos Not Included)
Property Total Unique Viewers (000) Videos (000)* Minutes per Viewer
Total Internet : Total Audience  182,574 37,242,927 1,254.4
Google Sites 153,212 13,028,148 399.5
Yahoo! Sites 55,253 496,318 53.1
NDN 53,215 550,884 74.3
VEVO 53,105 628,958 40.5
AOL, Inc. 53,089 711,008 45.6 47,870 252,934 13.3
Viacom Digital 40,914 391,700 43.8
Microsoft Sites 37,214 432,457 43.8
CBS Interactive 31,805 297,749 59.9
Grab Media, Inc. 31,647 157,946 27.5

YouTube Partner Channel Statistics

VEVO is still on top in this chart and Warner Music has dropped from second to fourth place topped by Machinima and Maker Studios this month. Schmooru dropped off the chart this month as Rightster took 9th and disney abcnews took 10th. But none of this is user-generated content says comScore, so I'm wondering how the YouTube stars are really doing in comparison.

Top YouTube Partner Channels* Ranked by Unique Video Viewers October 2012 - Total U.S. – Home and Work Locations Content Videos Only (Ad Videos Not Included)
Property Total Unique Viewers (000) Videos (000) Minutes per Viewer
VEVO @ YouTube 52,183 603,474 39.2
Machinima @ YouTube 35,091 520,903 48.9
Maker Studios Inc. @ YouTube 28,896 295,979 35.8
Warner Music @ Youtube 26,315 139,987 17.5
Fullscreen @ YouTube 25,141 138,436 16.1
BroadbandTV @ YouTube 12,806 72,537 18.0
ygent @ YouTube 11,680 34,846 10.3
Alloy Digital @ YouTube 7,959 37,102 15.3
Rightster @ YouTube 7,579 17,148 6.3
disney abcnews @ YouTube 7,380 14,198 7.1

*YouTube Partner Reporting based on online video content viewing and does not include claimed user-generated content

The Trend for Online Video in 2012

Now that I've got almost a full year of stats, I thought we could analyze the trend for 2012 so far. The most interesting thing is that viewing time is starting to show some interesting variations by month while the other numbers have been more or less steady for the year.

Month Unique Viewers (millions) Videos (billions) Minutes per viewer (right Y axis)
January 181.115 39.995849 1354.7
February 179.112 37.79158 1305.8
March 181.062 36.984872 1304.8
April 180.785 36.848001 1307.7
May 180.503 36.556792 1315.3
June 180.373 32.997209 1238.1
July 184.182 36.877798 1336.8
August 188.016 37.689 1335.4
September 181.411 39.356 1,399.0
October 182.5 37.28 1254.0

Weekly Online Video News Round Up – Punk Rock Edition

Saturday, September 29th, 2012
Weekly Online Video News Round Up – Punk Rock Edition

So Sunday I saw The Vibrators, some seriously old school punk rock. They're touring the US and have been around for 36 years. Go see them if you dig punk. If not, read this weekly news round up on the world of online video. See what I did there?

Tapshot, Releases Videokits App: Kits for Making Great Videos of Life’s Events

Tapshot Inc. is the developer of the Videokits app, which gives iPhone users a guided video creation experience. Each creative kit includes suggested shot lists, on-screen scripts and recording tips, high-quality title graphics, music, a powerful mobile rendering engine, and the ability to share videos directly from the phone without the fuss of editing. The company’s goal is to make the process of mobile movie-making as easy as snapshot photography.

There are three kits included free in the Videokits app download: birthday party, newlywed advice, and travel postcard. Additional kits are available for in-app purchase, at $0.99 each, to create videos for different events, holidays, and activities such as Halloween, youth sports, birth announcements, cooking shows, restaurant reviews, product reviews, and pet portraits, with more kits on the way.

Source: Press Release

Twitter Debuts New FOX Show

The social media platform will be one of the digital hubs for a full-episode preview 11 days ahead of the third-season premiere of the Fox comedy "Raising Hope." While the episode will be available on other platforms, only Twitter users who retweet will be rewarded with a video message from the series' cast thanking them for spreading the word.

Source: Variety

Nook Become Video-rific!

Barnes & Noble has announced its new Nook Video offering will premiere this fall with newer hit movies, classic films, and original TV shows from major studios including HBO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Starz, Viacom, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, plus movies from The Walt Disney Studios.

Source: Engadget

YouTube Show Goes TV

Show convergence continues to expand as YouTube sees a show move to TV (formerly Kevin Smith's Hulu show went to Canadian TV).

Trium Entertainment’s “Recipe Rehab,” hosted on the Everyday Health channel, will begin broadcasting on hundreds of local ABC affiliates beginning on October 6, with 11 total episodes in the works.

Source: TubeFilter Private Cloud

Encoding Automation for Studios, Broadcasters, and VOD Providers

Transcode catalogs of long-form HD video content with unparalleled speed at market disruptive pricing. Designed specifically for today’s premium content providers, the EDC Private Cloud offloads, automates and scales video transcoding systems to enable high-quality, secure playback on all web, mobile and home theater platforms.

High Speed Processing

  • Faster than real-time processing of HD content on powerful 32-core, multi-threading servers (3X faster than EC2)
  • 6X faster data throughput vs. cloud storage
  • 600Mbps connectivity to AWS, Rackspace and Azure clouds

Massive & Secure File Ingest

  • 1Gbps ingest/egress using Aspera fasp 3™ technology 10GbE network on 170Gbps switched backplane
  • Single tenancy
  • Tape ingest
  • Private-line dedicated fiber for high-volume,high-bandwidth needs

Universal Formats

  • All edit and delivery codecs including ProRes, Avid DNxHD, HDCAM, MPEG2-TS, H.264, MP4 and more.
  • Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 Surround and HE-AAC

Adaptive Bitrate & DRM Packaging

  • Generate Apple HLS, Adobe HDS & Microsoft Smooth Streaming files
  • Package for Google Widevine DRM playback on iOS, Android, Web and STB


  • Generate UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF) content
  • Full Subtitle support
  • Widevine DRM, PlayReady in Q1
  • Coordinator and EIDR integration in development


Nielsen Drops 500,000 from U.S. TV Households

The number of U.S. TV households fell by 500,000, reflecting the popularity of online viewing and results of the 2010 census, according to Nielsen, producer of the weekly ratings that help set advertising prices.

The adjustment in U.S. TV households to 114.2 million took effect Aug. 27 and will apply to the television season starting this week, New York-based Nielsen Holdings NV (NLSN) said today in an e-mailed statement.

Source: Bloomberg

Channel Manager HTML5 5 V1.0

Eyepartner has released Channel Manager HTML5 5 V1.0, which allows users to publish video and audio into playlists by seamlessly dragging and dropping content in an easy-to-use channel lineup. The Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0 allows users to build unlimited scheduled programming for playback on Roku set-top boxes, and HTML5 5-compatible players, including the iPad and iPhone.

By combining Eyepartner’s Tier1 service with Level3 CDN delivery, streaming capacity is unlimited. Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0 also offers many customizable features, including the ability to drop in advertising placements fast and easy. The Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0’s cropping editor allows users to trim and edit the timeline. Users can develop their own channels, and include videos from other websites or video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

The Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0 is a server-based H.264 streaming solution that requires absolutely no proprietary hardware. The software was designed to manage content timelines easily on the fly, and in real time, allowing the content producer to ingest LIVE breaking news or sponsored media spots at any moment.
With the Channel Manager HTML5 V1.0, anyone can manage an unlimited number of Standard or High Definition channels and playlists that can be transcoded to be delivered over various device players such as HTTP, Flash, Silverlight, as well as other popular mobile devices.

Source: Press Release

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How to Make Video Ad Campaigns Go Viral – A Behind the Scenes Look into the Viral Video Process [Case Study]

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
How to Make Video Ad Campaigns Go Viral – A Behind the Scenes Look into the Viral Video Process [Case Study]

A couple of months ago, ABC's "Nightline" did a piece on trying to get a video to go viral.  They hired ad agency and online viral video specialists Mekanism for the job: they would take reporter Dan Harris and a cat named George through a video shoot for the ASPCA.  Now, "Hovercat" is not a huge, huge, superhit (a little over a million views), but the process ends up being successful and the behind-the-scenes is something that is very well worth watching.  It gives you an idea that virality is more of a science than a circumstance.  It requires work outside of making the video and merely publishing it, and hoping people will see it.

The Process of Hovercat, ASPCA Viral Video as Seen on Nightline

First, let's take a look at the finished product:

Click here to watch this video.

And here's the behind-the-scenes:

Click here to watch this video.

Now, this is a good video but I have a feeling that there were numerous short deadlines that everyone was trying to meet, and perhaps this doesn't come out as polished as it could be.  But what's important here is how a video gets "picked up" and shared.

The first thing we see is Mekanism and Harris looking for the right kind of video.  They reject a couple of pretty good ideas before settling on the Hovercat concept.  Here's where I think perhaps a reporter who wants to be taken seriously actually prevents the better ideas from being done.  It's understandable.  If you're a brand or personality, you don't want to be associated with something that might harm your image.

What happens next is Mekanism creates a spreadsheet of a number of "influencers" that could propel a cat-related video to a great number of views.  They push it towards Veronica Belmont and I Can Has Cheezburger? and probably a great many other sites we don't see in the piece.  This is a technique that is covered exhaustively in the YouTube Creator Playbook and Advertiser Playbook.  You want to share the video with people who are most likely to post it on their sites.  If you have a prevalent theme, you want to find sites with similar tastes.

After the video gets to 300,000 views, there is concern.  Mekanism has hooked top influencers into posting the video, but they've peaked here, so what do they do?  They send it to media influencer sites, including Mashable, who picks it up, and suddenly, major newspapers are following suit.  The video takes off from there and jumps up to 500,000, ending up with 800,000 by the time the story aired.  Since then, it's gotten another 200,000 and it hit the million mark.  With all that coverage, including being featured on "Good Morning America," I have a feeling that a million is considered disappointing.

What is missing from this piece is the idea of why it doesn't take off in a particularly special way.  I think the forced nature of the content is why–this isn't a cat that really looks like it's hovering, and the cat isn't doing anything with his skill other than looking awkward.  If he used this skill to say, fly out of the house and save another cat out of a tree, or reach a particularly tasty treat on a high shelf, or anything other than, "Hey, it's fun to hover," I think this had the potential to do much more.  Like I mentioned before, it looks like a lot of things, like time and possibly money, conspired to limit the views on this one.

What's missing from all this is the idea of people sharing the video through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  And that might have been part of the problem: it wasn't.  It was getting views through referral sites but not very likely getting shared on a large scale. To have a cat video struggle to find an audience is curious.

I mean, look at this video of a cat singing the "Game of Thrones" opening theme:

Click here to watch this video.

I'm not sure how many media outlets have picked this video up, but in a little more than a month, this has 1.9 million views.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't given the massive amount of coverage that "Hovercat" got.  But in this video, we see the leveraging of a popular TV show and a hilarious, spot-on delivery of the opening theme with cat meows.  There's a lot of character in this that people are willing to share.

Views aren't everything but you can tell a lot by the amount of backing a video has and how many views in which it translates.  Hovercat had every advantage in the world and could only cash in a small amount relative to its coverage.

However you look at it, it's worth taking a look at the Hovercat story just to see how ad agencies like Mekanism try to get a video seen by a mass audience.

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