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How SketchShe are Turning Viral Video Success into Long-term Business Success

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016
How SketchShe are Turning Viral Video Success into Long-term Business SuccessSketchShe, the comedy threesome that went viral with their lip sync videos, share some insight into working with brands, and turning viral video success into long-term business success.

James Franco Hits AOL Originals by ‘Making a Scene’

Monday, September 15th, 2014
James Franco Hits AOL Originals by ‘Making a Scene'Actor and polymath James Franco has dabbled in producing a web series before, but he's about to make his AOL Original debut with 'Making a Scene'. The innovative 10-episode comedy, which showcases Franco’s recreation of cinema’s most iconic moments, lands on AOL this Wednesday.

Twitter: Video and Photos Get the Most Retweets

Monday, March 17th, 2014
Twitter: Video and Photos Get the Most RetweetsSharing a video on Twitter in hopes of getting massive retweets? You might be in for a shock as Twitter just unveiled some research that shows which industries get the most retweets out of video shares as well as some other factors. So is your next tweet going to trigger an avalanche of retweets? Maybe, if you follow the research results.

10 Lessons I Learned on My First Major Video Production

Thursday, December 27th, 2012
10 Lessons I Learned on My First Major Video ProductionRecently, we put the wraps on post production on my Not So Super pilot episode. I thought, since this was my first major video production, I would share what I learned while shooting it. This won't be of interest to those of you who have ...

10 Lessons I Learned on My First Major Video Production

Thursday, December 27th, 2012
10 Lessons I Learned on My First Major Video ProductionRecently, we put the wraps on post production on my Not So Super pilot episode. I thought, since this was my first major video production, I would share what I learned while shooting it. This won't be of interest to those of you who have ...

10 Lessons I Learned on My First Major Video Production

Thursday, December 27th, 2012
10 Lessons I Learned on My First Major Video ProductionRecently, we put the wraps on post production on my Not So Super pilot episode. I thought, since this was my first major video production, I would share what I learned while shooting it. This won't be of interest to those of you who have ...

ZoomTilt TV Reset Finalists Vie for Branded Video Content Gold

Friday, November 2nd, 2012
ZoomTilt TV Reset Finalists Vie for Branded Video Content Gold

ZoomTilt, which I wrote about a while back, is in the business of finding talented filmmakers who have got financially sustainable web series they want to make. In order for them to be financially sustainable, they need to appeal to brands who will sponsor them and to audiences who will help generate revenue to offset production costs. Now, ZoomTilt has announced the five finalists in its TV Reset contest.

As I said in the previous article, ZoomTilt has found an interesting niche for themselves. Having a team full of professionals experienced in video production they have some background in what makes good video entertainment. They're now taking that expertise and using it to hook brands up with video creators. I still believe that it's an excellent position to be in as branded content and content marketing continue to become major online marketing tools.

But, Chris, why are you telling us about them whittling down a long list of pitches to a final five? Oh, believe me, I do have ulterior motives on that front. You might recall that I entered the contest with my own show Not So Super… and that I hit the semi-finals. Well, now, I've hit the finals!

I will list all of the finalists in the same order as they were in the press release I received today, at the end of the article. First, I want to talk about why I think ZoomTilt is on the right track and why I even pitched my show to them in the first place.

Branded Content Done Right?

Some people hear 'branded content' and think that the content will be slathered in logos and product and the like. But that's not always the case. ZoomTilt has a show running now called Dead Trigger. It's an action drama that follows two agents as they attempt to save New York from a devastating bomb. Again, I used this as the example in the first article and I still believe they've really got the right idea on how to brand content and wanted to share it again. Check out an episode below.

Click here to watch this video.

The thing about the way the branding was done was that it was pretty organic. The products show up in the episode but you never know it until the credits roll and you see the shirts worn are from Ministry of Supply and there's a discount code in there to drive some conversions as well.

It's brilliant. Viewers who are seeking entertainment know that there are going to be some advertisements placed against it usually. The fact that this type of branding is so unobtrusive is extremely appealing to me and probably would be to many others as well. No interruption of the show to try and sell us something, no overt, wait for the show to start as these ads play. Sure, there are pre-roll ads on the episodes posted on YouTube, but with good enough content and a perfectly matched branding there might not need to be. It depends on the product, the content and the brand's goal for the campaign (brand awareness uplift vs. conversions, etc).

A Leg Up for Filmmaking Newbs and Experienced Alike

Hi, my name is Chris and I'm a filmmaking newb. I have never had any major video production. I've done some interviews and some video game reviews and other minor things. But I haven't ever shot any kind of major project. I've been something of a bystander these past five years while I've been an online video journalist and analyst. Some might say that means I don't know what I'm talking about while others might say it gives me a fresh perspective. Either way, I'm now on the road to do my first major video production. I already know, through the previous steps of the contest, that my content is viable as a web series and if done right should attract a good audience. I also know that it should fit into some branded content marketing campaigns, which means that I might soon have money to shoot the full season one. It's a lot of if statements right now which depend on how good my pilot is and how well it does. I'm already guaranteed some production money for the pilot and I get a mentor to help me along the way. Two invaluable pieces of the puzzle.

But more than anything, it's motivation. It's motivation to shoot the pilot and make it the best it can be. It's motivation because I know that if we get it right, we might be speeding toward full-blown production in 2013 and it means that the series I've been pondering, writing, tweaking, dreaming about for the past five years, could become a reality. I believe that no matter if you've done it all before or not, that's the most motivation anyone could ever ask for… Sure, the production money helps too, I won't lie. But just going through the contest rounds, somewhere between the semi-finals and finding out I made the finals, I was already 100% dedicated to making the pilot, money or not, I am doing it. Now, I've got a team assembled of people who are far smarter than I am in most video production aspects, I've got actors cast for half the roles, I've got a guiding hand from ZoomTilt and I've got some cost offset guaranteed. When the pilot's done I've got a goal as well, market and pump the pilot through my social media network even as ZoomTilt does the same. All because they believe in me and my series and believe that it can be monetized. Like I said, it's all about the motivation.

The TV Reset Final Five

As I said at the top of the article, I'm going to reproduce their list of finalists. I won't lie, I'm pretty stoked that I'm at the top. I'm also nervous because it means I need to pour all my resources into shooting this pilot and making it the vision in my head.

NOT SO SUPER, Genre: Drama

Christophor Rick,

What happens when a superhero hits a midlife crisis? Vince is having problems in both halves of his life. At home, his marriage is crumbling, and while ‘on duty,’ he’s been feeling not so super. His lack of confidence is painfully evident, and the city is losing faith. Not So Super twists those classic comic book archetypes into a dark drama with comedic turns.

COOL JUSTICE, Genre: Comedy

Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh,

Picture Starsky & Hutch meets Reno 911, where anything can and does happen. In this action comedy, two cryogenically frozen undercover cops from the 70’s are thawed out in present day L.A. to help a hottie heiress claim her missing millions. Together the unlikely three-some bust up bad guys old-school-style while following cryptic-clues left by her eccentric billionaire-scientist-grandfather.

The Pick Up Chicks, Genre: Romantic Comedy

Stacie Capone,

In this romantic comedy, Brooklyn roomies Darcy, Emma, and Jane stumble upon a brilliant idea for self-employment: why not take clueless guys out for a night on the town, and use their collective girl power to transform dunderhead dudes into dashing pickup artists? To their surprise, they become a smashing success. But while the WingWomen’s mission is to reinvent the perfect man, they might just find that they end up reinventing themselves in the process.

SPYCOLOGY, Genre: Action Comedy

Travis Tyler and James Poirier,

Where did James Bond learn all those crazy and badass things? Right here, at SpySchool. Think
Community meets James Bond with a splash of Gossip Girl. We follow the select few kids trying to forge themselves into super spies via ridiculous classes and simulated ‘pop quizzes’. Wake up, your roommate has been taken hostage. Hurry, you’re being graded.

THE OTHERS, Genre: Thriller

Douglas Stark,

When Elias Porter – delivery man, husband, and father – helps an injured man get to a hospital, he dismisses the man’s ramblings about the city being under ‘mind control’ as crazy rants. But Elias soon  uncovers the truth: his job, family, and identity are false implants created by a covert group controlling the city.

Each finalist will continue to work with one of the TV Reset Project’s judges as a mentor as they move into production. The five pilots will then be distributed through ZoomTilt’s YouTube channel and other ZoomTilt distribution outlets. The pilot with the most social network shares,likes and total minutes of footage watched by audiences will be selected and funded for a full season of their show that will air from ZoomTilt’s YouTube channel page.

“Our finalists were selected after a review of their show’s originality, quality and expected audience appeal. Together, the five represent a collection of both established and up-and-coming entertainment talent, and we can’t wait to share their exciting work with viewers,” says Anna Callahan, CEO of ZoomTilt.

It’s like we created one full line of fall shows in one competition,’ says Chris Bolman, Callahan’s Co-Founder, ‘it would be tough for me to decide which one will be crowned the winning pilot and that’s why we want our viewers to decide.”

Pilots will be available for viewing on November 19th, just in time for Thanksgiving and the Cyber Monday holidays.

New Original Web Series Round Up – New Content to Advertise Against

Sunday, October 7th, 2012
New Original Web Series Round Up – New Content to Advertise Against

I get a lot of emails about new web series and I've been sitting on them trying to figure out how to spin an article out of them. With online video continuing to soar in terms of advertising and marketing I think that we, here at ReelSEO, forget that there's also a ton of online video solely for entertainment purposes. After all, there has to be some content to run those in-stream ads against right? Well, I guess I found my spin. Here's a list of new web series with some quick synopsis that you might like to place some ads against… See what I did there?!

I'm just going to list these in chronological order of the emails I received. That way there's no favoritism in my listings. It's a simple FIFO system, first in, first out (it's a programming thing). Plus, everyone gets their moment in the spotlight!

The Mop And Lucky Files – Small But Mighty Productions

First brought to my attention way back in mid to late August (I told you I've been compiling emails for some time), by Chloe Taylor.

THE MOP AND LUCKY FILES is directed by veteran network television director and actor Scott Paulin and stars a crop of talented working Los Angeles actors.


On a whim and without resources, Mop and Lucky start a business of their own: Personal Espionage. They set up shop in the only place they can afford, a public storage facility. Unbeknownst to them, this storage facility is actually a lair kept by two Irish-American step-children of the East Coast Mob. As fate would have it, the girls crack their first case. They are officially PES (personal espionage specialists). This new life leads them into bizarre cases, Mob entanglement, personal enlightenment and, of course, dating woes.

Click here to watch this video.

Written and Created by: Jennifer Erholm & Chloe Taylor
Directed by: Scott Paulin

Chloe Taylor
Jennifer Erholm
Michael McGee
Frank Potter
Judith Scarpone
Judd Laurance
Brendan Bonner
Lisa Joffrey
John Idakitis
Ajarae Coleman
Ty B. Compton
Mike Geary
Teddy Margas
Miguel Fierro
Diana Peglidi
Noel Kachaturian
Lisa Blake Mitchell
Mike Smith
Nick Mitchell
Scott Paulin

The show can be seen at

(Thanks for the coffee Chloe!)

 Harder Than it Looks

Brought to my attention by M. Miller Davis and premiered on August 29th…

The show stars Kelsey Darragh, Ayden Mayeri and Sam Richardson (Montreal “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival). It was written and directed by Seth Weitberg (Mash Up) and features appearances by TJ Miller (The Goodwin Games), Carly Chaikin (Suburgatory), Maribeth Monroe (Workaholics), Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and more.

“Harder Than It Looks” is about two young, hot disasters who completely rely on each other to get through life’s new-adult challenges.

Click here to watch this video.

Genre: Comedy
Cast:                                    Kelsey Darragh, Ayden Mayeri, Sam Richardson
Guest Stars:                        TJ Miller, Carly Chaikin, Maribeth Monroe, Steven Yeun
Written & Directed by:     Seth Weitberg
Produced by:                      M. Miller Davis
Executive Producer:           Seth Weitberg
Music by:                            Jesse Case

The show airs Wednesdays at, where you can also find additional video content and production photos. The first season is made up of 8, 3 to 5-minute episodes.

See, no coffee and still made the list!

The Bill Murray Show Starring Mark Malkoff – My Damn Channel

My Damn Channel had the premiere of Save the Supers and now I get perpetual emails from them as they continue to launch news shows, etc. That's due to them having a proper PR person and all, right Katie?

On September 20, My Damn Channel premiered a new feature called “Throwback Thursday,” in which they’ll highlight an archived video on the homepage each week. First up, in honor of the season premiere of Parks and Recreation, a Wainy Days episode guest starring Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman and that crazy wife of his, Megan Mullally! Tune in on September 26 for the finale of Save The Supers with guest star Seth Green. Also coming up: new episodes of Status Kill and the popular vlogs Daily GraceCoffey Chat and Answerly.

On October 9, Mark Malkoff's video quest to get actor Bill Murray to visit his home continues with a new episode of The Bill Murray Show Starring Mark Malkoff featuring the multi-talented Jeffrey Gurian.

The new feature “Throwback Thursday” returns on October 11, featuring a classic episode of popular series Daddy Knows Best starring Steve Rannazzisi in honor of the season premiere of FX's fantasy football series The League.  Co-op Of The Damned also pays tribute to the return of popular TV series The Walking Dead on October 11 with "Brains (Walking Dead Tribute Remix)." Daily Grace continues with new episodes Monday through Friday, vlogger Shannon Coffey has new episodes of Coffey Chat each Tuesday, and how-to/advice series Answerly entertains with new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And you probably thought I wasn't reading those emails you sent me…

F$@k a Therapist – Meetinghouse Productions

Stems from a Twitter feed that was following a man's journey through psychotherapy. Just goes to show, there's comedy in everything. Thanks Tonya!

The Story: The President of Meetinghouse, Jason Cilo, works with a big range of comedians and is always looking for fresh voices. He started following a twisted and dark – and clever – Twitter feed about one man’s journey with psychotherapy, “F$@k a Therapist,” and figured that the neurotic Tweets had to be written by a top comic hiding behind anonymity.   Jason tracked the writer down and found, to his surprise, that that he was an undiscovered talent named Seven Davis, Jr.

Click here to watch this video.

Davis, a freelance writer and music producer,  has lived through some rough times and had some real world struggles, and he is doing great now (though it’s not easy.) Throughout his highs and the lows, however, one thing has remained consistent:  he has an excellent  ability to translate his troubles and world view into short concise 140 character comedy. Jason’s obsession with Seven’s Tweets had a touch of magical timing – he was searching for content around which he could create an animated web series and he decided to turn Seven’s Tweets into just these video shorts.  Billy Kimball of The Simpsons introduced Jason to Powerhouse Animation, a leading group of animators, and they forged an alliance with Meetinghouse, adding Seven to the mix. Viola – from sadness to elation.

Meetinghouse is planning on premiering a new episode every few weeks at the website.

Fresh off the Plane – Ryan Turner Productions

This one came straight to me from Ryan Turner…ahh the power of email!

Fresh off the Plane is an awkward comedy web series centering on a random group of foreigners living together in the same apartment. Think “Friends” meets “The Office” but swap in immigrants from all over the world. Each episode focuses on a specific character from a specific part of the world and the different comedic interactions that arise when these people's lives crash together. Many people that move into big cities live with an assortment of random people they have never met before and it's none more common than in LA.

Click here to watch this video.


Alexandra Harris, Brandon Morales, Adam Hunter, Sasha Feldman, Choni Francis, and Heather Wilds

Directed By Ryan Turner

Written By Adam Hunter

It seems they're going for a more sedate form of comedy than you might normally see online. That's cool, we can dig it.It's on YouTube: