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Apple Cash Discussion About Share Buyback. A Steve Jobs Move.

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Apple took the world by storm Sunday night, California time, when it issued a press release announcing a conference call to be held before market open on Monday. Apple said that it would discuss only its “cash” position on the conference call. There is much speculation that the announcement will be about a dividend; a one time special dividend or a recurring annual dividend. Others say that it may be a share buyback. Then there are other, that say that it could be an acquisition. I think that Apple will announce that, it has already done the buyback. This will quite the people that are pre-occupied with its cash position because its cash position will no longer be and issue, allowing Apple’s management to get back to focusing on the company and its great products. This solution benefits shareholders and still keeps the growth investors, interested in the stock. It also explains the run up in Apple shares every single day since Q1 earnings. I believe only Apple could have been buying its shares. They knew it was just too undervalued. Further, it explains the short notice leading to the conference call, and its short duration as Apple will have little to say. I believe, this move was not accidental. I believe it was a move engineered by the Great Steve Jobs. The heavy volume this past week can be explained now, as Apple was rushing to complete the buyback. So it was the invisible hand of Steve Jobs moving Apple shares.