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Why Google Is Panicking Over Apple Maps

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Google panicked on hearing that Apple was going to roll out its own mapping service for iOS at the upcoming WWDC. Google pre-empted by organizing its own,  Google Maps press conference, just five days before Apple’s.

The new products that Google unveil were just ideas and it had vague timelines for making them real. What Google really showed at the event was panic. Google is panicking because Apple Maps will push Google Maps from the de-facto standard to another mapping app on the app store.

Maps are an essential part of mobile devices. Its is critical for Google, to maintain its de-facto status because its a key part of its mobile monetization strategy. With more users shifting to mobile devices its becoming even more critical for Google to remain the de-facto, add to that, its plateauing desktop search business and it becomes absolutely critical. Apple Maps essentially shutting off Google Maps on iOS, now you see why Google is panicked. Apple Maps will make Google Maps meaningless as this press conference was in a blink.

MG Seigler blogged, “The mere fact that Google decided to hold a press conference just five days before WWDC (where Apple’s mapping product is widely expected to be unveiled) said pretty much all you needed to know. When it was announced last week, it seemed like it may have been thrown together at the last second to pre-empt Apple’s event. Now we can be positive that it was. Just look at the tweets about the event today.”