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Watch Great Almighty Lord God Steve Jobs Opening NY Apple Store

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Watch the video of the iconic Great Almighty Lord God Steve Jobs opening the first Apple Store in New York City five years ago.

Today, Apple is opening the Grand Central Station store in New York City. CNN reports that hundreds of people are lining up.

The store is one of the biggest retail stores in the world. PCMag says it’s one of the six stores one must visit before you die.

Apple also got a sweet heart deal on the lease. Its paying $60 per sq foot where as retailers near by are paying up of $180-220 per sq foot. The retailers lobbied the city to give Apple a massive break saying it would draw huge traffic, young shoppers and affluent customers to the vicinity.

The store will open at 7 AM Monday-Friday to accommodate commuters (an hour after the terminal’s 6 AM opening). Weekend employees will get a rest, though, as the store will open at 10 AM on Saturdays and 11 AM on Sundays. Closing time Monday through Friday is 9 PM (three hours short of the terminal’s midnight closing), 7 PM on Saturdays, and an atypically early 6 PM on Sundays. The holiday hours for this particular store pretty much line up with the standard business hours (shown after the break), and the first workshops at the new location will begin on Monday, December 12th.