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Video Production Tips: The Basics of Lighting And Camera Angles

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
Video Production Tips: The Basics of Lighting And Camera AnglesGetting the basic lighting and camera angles right in video production is absolutely essential if you want to create quality content. We take you through the basics that everyone should know.

How to Smash the Corporate Barriers That Kill Video Marketing Success

Friday, August 29th, 2014
How to Smash the Corporate Barriers That Kill Video Marketing SuccessIt's rare that a marketing department or agency doesn't encounter some kind of resistance to their video marketing efforts, but when that resistance is coming from high up in the corporate management chain, you will need all the tactics at your disposal to change opinions. Learning how to avoid the cultural pitfalls that are holding you, your team and your company back could transform your video marketing potential.

BuzzFeed Video Shares Its Formula for Explosive Growth

Monday, August 11th, 2014
BuzzFeed Video Shares Its Formula for Explosive GrowthIf you are in the business of content marketing, or are active on social media, then you'll be familiar with BuzzFeed, arguably the site with the most shareable content on the web. Jonathan Perelman, BuzzFeed’s GM of Video & VP of Agency Strategy, gave attendees at the 2014 ReelSummit a glimpse into the video marketing strategy the brand employs. particularly how BuzzFeed views and categorizes consumable vs. shareable content.

Call for Speakers Now Open for 2014 Reel Video Summit?

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
Call for Speakers Now Open for 2014 Reel Video Summit?Last year's Video Marketing Summit was a tremendous success and as a result of the overwhelming demand from the attendees we're meeting again this year to take our commitment to video marketing even further. The “Call for Speakers” is now open for the 2014 Reel Video Summit, which will be held July 24-25 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

The Top Video Marketing Mistakes (and Solutions)

Thursday, August 8th, 2013
The Top Video Marketing Mistakes (and Solutions)As web video grows more popular and the tools for creating and uploading it become more accessible, plenty of professionals want in on the action—but they don't always know the best way to do it. See the most common mistakes the budding video marketer can make, and how to avoid making them.

If Your Video Content Is Truly Compelling, Keep Calm and Go Long

Monday, July 22nd, 2013
If Your Video Content Is Truly Compelling, Keep Calm and Go LongThere's a myth that you can't have a successful video if it's over 15 minutes in length (and some would say the bar is much lower). But long-form videos have a place, and can be hugely successful. They're no different from short-form videos if they're entertaining and compelling.

Convert Product Demonstration Viewers into Customers with These 6 Tips [Creator’s Tip #94]

Thursday, June 6th, 2013
Convert Product Demonstration Viewers into Customers with These 6 Tips [Creator's Tip #94]How do you get people who watch your demonstration videos to not only watch, but become customers later? Here are six tips that can be a little bit of a balancing act, but are absolutely essential in gaining trust with potential customers.

7 Tips for Looking Good for Webcam/Google Hangouts [Creator’s Tip #83]

Thursday, March 21st, 2013
7 Tips for Looking Good for Webcam/Google Hangouts [Creator's Tip #83]Webcams can be a little lacking in functionality, so it's important to be able to understand what you can do for a great presentation. Sound is important, too. These 7 simple tips are easy to implement, so there's no reason why your webcam session can't be a good one. So let's dive right in and see what we need to do to put our best foot forward.

Streaming Media West 2012, A Quick Guide and Planner – Help Us Decide What to Report On

Monday, October 8th, 2012
Streaming Media West 2012, A Quick Guide and Planner – Help Us Decide What to Report On

I have done it! I have convinced Mark to unchain me from the desk and get me to an upcoming show. The show is, obviously, Streaming Media West 2012 which will be held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in L.A. October 30-31. Oh, Halloween in LA, does it get weirder than it usually is?

I thought that, since I should figure out what I was going to sit in on myself I might also give you a glimpse into some of the stellar things going on at the show (here's the full agenda).

Pre-Conference Seminars, Monday Oct. 29th

Monday sees the pre-conference seminars kicking in with some talks about getting your video prepped for a Flash & HTML5 world in regards to encoding and planning. Later the series looks at servers and 'the cloud' as well as the next generation video player.

  • SM1: Encoding for Flash, Mobile, and HTML5
  • SM2: Planning Online Video Deployment for HTML5 and Flash

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When the show kicks off on Tuesday two Samsung VPs will take the Keynote spot before the first sessions take place. I'm torn really. Do I go to the round table, Social TV, Where's the Money?, or do I hit the TVGuide presentation, How Super-Savvy Viewers Are Transforming the Future of TV? Tough one, being a super-savvy viewer myself. The second seems to be based on some recent research by TV Guide, so I think that will earn the check mark.

The second session of the day is even more difficult. I should probably, from a journalist standpoint, go to The Current State of MPEG-DASH in the Industry since it's probably going to be a big thing moving forward. But then I'll miss out on Balancing the Viewer Experience and the Need to Monetize which would be super awesome content to come back and tell you all about along with Smart TV or Dumb TV which is going to look at what should be done with smart TVs.  I might need some help here, which do you want me to report back to you on, provided you won't be at the show? I'm leaning toward the need to monetize but still might end up at the MPEG-DASH one I guess.

After lunch that day it's a bit easier because the session titled Is there a Killer App for TV or is TV the Killer App? isn't massively interesting to me because I think the other two might have more information that I could write about. Continuing the MPEG-DASH discussion is Making DASH Workable, the DASH-264 Recommendation and the third session could be really great Choosing a Live Streaming Encoder could supply me with a good deal of actionable take away information for you all.

The early afternoon session is another tough choice as the sessions include, Simplify Video Delivery and Slash Your Up-Front Costs by Using the Cloud which is being run by Wowza while The Future of Digital Entertainment in a Multiscreen World is a round table with people from Dolby, Samsung, CBS and Starz and could be the most interesting of the three, the third being Over-the-top, and Into your Bank Account which is talking about monetizing TV Everywhere.

Maybe I need to clone myself. I have a degree that sort of taught me how to do that you know.

The last session of the day is an easy choice and I'll be at Currency vs. Measurement in Online Video, which will prove highly interesting because it's looking at how to put a price on it all and deciding on its value. The other sessions are How Huffington Post Built Its Live Video Network, which I'm not all that impressed with yet, and Encoding Video for HTML5 which we've talked about several times in the past here.

Whew! That is just the first day!

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Roku kicks off day two with the keynote slot and then the first session gets swinging. Now while I would love to go to Best Practices for Planning Your Live Streaming Event, I will be at Brand Safety in the Online Video Advertising Market because that's right in my wheelhouse. The third session is Deconstructing Content Offerings for the Second Screen which, while interesting, is trumped by the video advertising session for me.

After that I will most likely be at the How-to session Creating a DASH-264 Player because the other two sessions Virtual Coffee Tables and TV App Graveyards and Choosing an Enterprice-Class Video Encoder seem to have less that I will be able to bring back to help you all out. I know MPEG-DASH and DASH-264 are going to become major pieces of online video soon so I want to be sure to be armed with all the info I can to help you get it implemented.

During the next session I might sit in on Monetization and Distribution Design Across Broadcast and OTT Environment and if it proves to be not all I hope I'll head to the device demos of the Vizio Co-Star and the Livestream Broadcaster, the second being far more interesting than the first there as it could have some cool potential for our audience here. The third is a case study on Building and Deploying HTML 5 Video Experiences at Viacom which could be interesting but not as much as these others for me.

The show ends with two interesting sessions which are Best Practices for Measuring Performance of Streaming Video and a round table on Best Practices for Migrating to a Cloud-Based Encoding PlatformThat second has Jeff Malkin from while the first is run by Amazon Web Services. Both could be super interesting.

Help Me Decide What to Report On

So thoughts? Any of these sessions you really want me to go to and report back on my findings? Consider me your personal field agent and give me some thoughts on what you'd want me to return with in the comments!

You can register for Streaming Media West 2012, the Enterprise Video Conference, or both at the Streaming Media registration page. Use code RLS12 and get a special ReelSEO reader discount.

Live Streaming Video Gaining in Popularity, How Can Your Business Benefit?

Monday, October 1st, 2012
Live Streaming Video Gaining in Popularity, How Can Your Business Benefit?

Live streaming is all the rage these days. OK, that's not entirely true, but there is more of it available and it can certainly be beneficial. First, let's take a look at some recent research that shows how people are getting into live streams and then we'll talk about how it can benefit your brand.

Ooyala, in the Q2 2012 Video Index, shows that time spent watching live streams on tablets rose sharply. How sharply? How about 123%! It's also moving upward for PC people as well where they're watching, on average, 33 minutes which is far longer than even the average VOD on PC. Of course, these are just Ooyala numbers and not the whole industry, but it's a good snapshot.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Live Streaming?

ReelSEO recently did a live stream, via Google Hangout and it was also on YouTube. Why? Because we could, we thought it would be fun and informative and it gave us a way to connect with you, our loyal audience (thank you for your support!). It also is a more personal connection and making it personal, makes it a stronger connection. If the experience is positive, then it's a big boost for brand engagement and uplift. So here are a couple quick ways you can use live streams to help boost your brand.

#1 – Informal chat

Informal chats with customers, users, readers, etc, can have a great impact on their relationship to the brand. Why? Because it shows that the people behind the brand are in fact, people, and not a massive corporate machine run by faceless automatons who have nothing but the bottom line in their sights. It was clear from the recent ReelSEO Google Hangout that we're a bunch of jokers and down-to-earth people who really just love online video, right?

#2 – Formal Presentation

So many products are released via these weird, exclusive, parties and press events. But why not just launch the product straight to the consumers? Sure, you can still have your exclusive, A-list event, because you've already got the marketing budget for it. I still believe that some companies and brands put far more faith in the press (of which I am a member) than is healthy. Doing a formal presentation of something straight to the masses breaks down those perceived ivory towers that brands and corps are holed up in and shows that you value your consumers because you want them to know about this new product directly from you.

#3 – Q&A and Help Desk

Automated systems might save money, but they're cold and impersonal and frustrating. Do you want consumers to connect those words with your brand or company? Hell no! You want to seen as warm, friendly and easygoing. Live video streams, are quick and easy ways to do just that. By being immensely helpful and assisting your users or consumers to get what they need, it is only going to strengthen their connection to the brand.

#4 – Periodic Progress Reports

There's been a lot of flap lately about Kickstarter projects getting funded, but then not getting product finished on time etc. So why not have a weekly/fortnightly/monthly chat, think fireside days of old, with the backers and other interested folks and give them the low down? What? Corporate secrets blah blah blah…that creates an environment of mistrust with them. I'm not saying spill all the corporate secrets. But hey, they gave you money in good faith, the least you can do, is show them some respect and give them some insight into what that money is doing.

I'm sure there are other things like live news streams etc. but I was thinking more about directly interacting with your brand or company.

Question: Have you got other thoughts on how to use live streams? Let us know in the comments!