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Political Campaign Videos: Which Candidates are Winning the Viewer Vote

Monday, April 20th, 2015
Political Campaign Videos: Which Candidates are Winning the Viewer VoteOnline video is an influential factor in both the presidential election in the United States, and the General Election in the UK. We take a look at which political candidates are winning the viewer vote on both sides of the pond.

The Top 20 Viral Video Ad Campaigns for September 2012

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
The Top 20 Viral Video Ad Campaigns for September 2012

The US Presidential race dominates Unruly’s Global Ads Chart this month. Eight of the top 20 most shared online video ads across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere during September come from the pro-Obama and pro-Romney camps.

But while the Republican candidate can boast more spots – six in all – it is the Democrats which lead the way, thanks to some A-list celebrity support from Sarah Silverman and Samuel L. Jackson.

Political ads on television have played a crucial role in previous Presidential elections, but with the 2012 Race For The White House too close to call and large sections of the electorate now spending most of their time online, social video success could well prove the difference between victory and failure.

Pro-Obama Celebrities Top The Online Viral Video Ads Chart

One big online hit could tip the balance either way. And in comedienne Silverman’s Let My People Vote, the Democrats already have the most popular ad of the 2012 US Election so far.

Click here to watch this video.

Launched on September 20, the ad attracted over 625,000 shares last month, around 150,000 more than Febelfin’s ad, Mind Reader, in second spot.

It’s not hard to see why. The video, which looks at the absurdity of the new wave of GOP-inspired voter ID laws, is both hilarious and controversial.

In it, Silverman explains that social security cards, veteran identification cards and college student identification cards will not be accepted at the polls in some states, but handgun permits can be used in some places as identification.

“It makes perfect sense,” she says. “Get these kids gun permits. Oh, I feel safer from voter fraud already.”

It is not the first time Silverman has scored a big social video hit while on the campaign trail.

Back in 2008, her ad, The Great Schlep, encouraging voters to visit their Jewish grandparents in Florida to get them to vote for Barack Obama, attracted over two-and-half million views.

Also flying the flag for the Democrats is Samuel L Jackson, whose ad, Wake The F*** Up – a reference to a popular video of the Pulp Fiction actor narrating author Adam Mansbach’s book Go The F**k To Sleep - was the sixth most shared ad during September.

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Like Silverman’s video, the ad is edgy, full of expletives and produced by the unusually-named super-PAC The Jewish Council for Education and Research.

Republicans Score Some Viral Video Hits

Despite not battling it out for the top spots, the Republicans do feature heavily in the top 20, taking places 10, 13, 15, 16, 18 and 20.

The most popular GOP spot is The Romney Plan, which attracted 114,239 shares last month.

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However, while pro-Obama campaign currently account for 63% of the total of shares (source: Unruly Election Tracker), there is still a long way to go until Election Day.

Democrats and Republicans were not the only ones battling it out for social video success last month.

Samsung kicks Apple's iButt

Samsung and Apple have been fighting it out in the law courts of late, but last month the action also spilled over on to the Viral Video Chart, thanks to a brilliant spot from the South Korean tech giant which pokes fun at Apple users waiting in line for the new iPhone 5.

The Next Big Thing Is Already Here, created by LA agency 72 And Sunny, delivers line after line of cutting dialogue, pointing out the foibles of Apple fanaticism.  But what makes it particularly effective is that it positions Apple as uncool, thanks in part to a fantastic appearance from a couple of unhip baby boomers.

Of course, it was not so long ago when Apple and its long-time ad agency TBWA were employing exactly the same tactics on Microsoft through the Think Different and Mac v PC campaigns.

Samsung’s ad for the Galaxy III takes the same concept and uses it against Apple. Launching the video at the same time as queues were forming outside stores for the new iPhone, it certainly worked. The ad attracted 445,236 shares during September, putting it in third place.

Click here to watch this video.

A second video, which demos the Galaxy Note II’s features, is one place behind, while an ad trumpeting Samsung's sponsorship of the Paralympics appears in 19th. None of Apple’s iPhone ads make it on to the top 20.

Amazing Mind Reading?

Another advert to make it big last month was Febelfin’s brilliant Mind Reader. Created by Duval Guillame Modem for the Belgian Financial Sector Federation, it uses a ‘psychic’ and a bunch of randomly-selected people to warn how easily information that you share online can be used against you.

The video was the second most popular commercial last month, attracting 484,354 shares in just six days.

Click here to watch this video.

Other newcomers to feature in the top 20 are H&M’s Blue Velvet, featuring Lana Del Ray, and a touching version of The Beatles classic Hey Jude by St Jude’s Children Hospital.

Here's the Top 20 Most Shared Viral Video Ads – September 2012

  1. Jewish Council For Education And Research Super-Pac: Sarah Silverman – Let My People Vote/ Get Nana A Gun
  2. Febelfin: Amazing Mind Reader
  3. Samsung – The Next Big Thing Is Already Here
  4. Samsung – Galaxy Note II, First Hands On Video
  5. Abercrombie & Fitch – Call Me Maybe
  6. Jewish Council For Education And Research Super-Pac: Wake The F*** Up, Featuring Samuel L Jackson
  7. La Educacion Phohibita – Pelicula Completa
  8. Banca Som Sabadell – Flashmob
  9. Budweiser – 9/11 TV Commercial (Aired Only Once)
  10. Romney For America: The Romney Plan
  11. DC Shoes: Gymkhana 5
  12. H&M: Lana Del Ray (Blue Velvet)
  13. Romney For America: Dear Daughter
  14. St Jude’s Hospital: Hey St Jude
  15. Romney For President: Least We Can Do
  16. Romney For President: Failing American Families
  17. Sesame Street Workshop: Share It Maybe
  18. Romney For President: War On Coal
  19. Samsung: Paralympics
  20. Romney For President: Prairie Fire