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47 Different Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
47 Different Ways to Promote Your YouTube ChannelWhen it comes to YouTube, what is it that makes your videos or your channel unique? What value are you providing to the community with your video content? If you can answer these questions, then promoting your channel should become easier for you, and we show you 47 different ways of doing just that!

You Saw This Coming Of The Day: Video Postage Stamps

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
You Saw This Coming Of The Day: Video Postage StampsJust in time for Christmas, the Australian Post Office has introduced a video postage stamp that allows the sender to record a 15 second message via a special QR coded stamp. The recipient retrieves the video by scanning that code into their smartphone. Genius.

Cool New Fujitsu Technology Will Allow Video Screen to Beam Info to Mobile

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012
Cool New Fujitsu Technology Will Allow Video Screen to Beam Info to Mobile

OK, so remember when I was talkingĀ about second screen experience, and how there needed to beĀ a way to be able to sync content from the TV to the second screen? No? Well, I was. Anyway, I said that it was probably being done based on a timing thing. At 19:07:33 show X on tablet, blah blah blah. Not the most optimized way to do it I think. To the rescue, FUJITSU! (who also happened to have made my very first laptop…but I digress).

So, Fujistu Labs have developed a way for the TV to send a signal to the tablet or mobile to sync content. I know I said that, I was summarizing. It's an information transmission technology that will allow you to say, interact with something on the TV or digital signage or other video-playing screen.

Fujitsu's Information Transmission Technology via Video Data

The technology will trigger an information 'shot' to your tablet or mobile. Right now it's actually done by taking a photo of the screen which then triggers the download information. It's not exactly ideal I guess but it's better than having to type and there's no need to make a special QR code or anything like that.

It uses signals that are imperceptible to the human eye, therefore not degrading image quality, which can then be picked up by the camera and an app on the mobile phone. That then allows things like URLs, coupons, or other details to be loaded onto the mobile phone.

It's all based on brightness increase/decrease which is translated into binary.

The binary signals are then transmitted as a data stream from what I understand of it. You can be up to 2 meters (6 feet) away and still receive the information. Of course, it sounds like you'll have to hold your phone up for as long as it takes the message to be sent.

It's pretty cool and if you want to read more on it there's a brief one-page PDF that talks about the technology. When will it be available? Well, that's anyone's guess now isn't it? Of course, I still think this should be able to be done with near-field communication or Bluetooth or something like that, something that doesn't require us to utilize the camera on the mobile phone. Too bad I'm not an engineer!