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Three Big Reasons Why Every Brand Needs an ‘About Us’ Video

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Three Big Reasons Why Every Brand Needs an 'About Us' VideoWhile many companies understand the value of traditional video content, like a sales and marketing video, or a training video, they are just now starting to realize the incredible value of an 'About Us' video. The great thing about an 'About Us' video is that it’s so versatile; it can be used for marketing and branding, as well as recruiting and educating

YouTube Marketing Nets 30% of Sales for Video Game Accessory Firm

Monday, March 10th, 2014
YouTube Marketing Nets 30% of Sales for Video Game Accessory FirmKontrolFreeks, heard of them? If you're a gamer and on YouTube, you probably have. If you're not, it's hit or miss. However, they did such a great job marketing their product on YouTube by hooking up with other Creators that they claim 30% of revenue can be traced back to the platform and sales jumped 50% in a year. How'd they do it? Read on!

Good Videos Explain, Superior Videos Demonstrate, Great Videos Inspire

Monday, September 2nd, 2013
Good Videos Explain, Superior Videos Demonstrate, Great Videos InspireYou’ve probably never heard of William Arthur Ward, one of America’s most quoted writers of inspirational maxims. That’s because he wrote for magazines like Reader’s Digest and newspapers like the Fort Worth Star-Telegram a couple generations before YouTube was launched. But, Ward wrote something that ...

How to Use Video to Manage Your Reputation

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013
How to Use Video to Manage Your ReputationVideo can be a magical thing for your reputation if you use it correctly and strategically. Here are a variety of ways you can use video to your advantage when you are trying to forge a reputation for your business.

Brands Should Encourage User-Generated Video Content to Spread the Word

Monday, July 29th, 2013
Brands Should Encourage User-Generated Video Content to Spread the WordBrands should let their customers do the talking by becoming brand advocates and sending their own user-generated video content through social media to spread the word. There are a number of ways to get your fan base excited about doing this for you, and how it can be a fun and cost-effective method of advertising.

8 Ways to Use User-Generated Video for Marketing [Infographic]

Friday, June 7th, 2013
8 Ways to Use User-Generated Video for Marketing [Infographic]User generated video is gaining more and more ground in today’s marketing landscape. But what can YOU do with user generated video? Here are 8 ways to get you going, but first off all we take a look at the rise of “UGV”.

6 Types of Video Marketing and How They Work [Creator’s Tip #92}

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
6 Types of Video Marketing and How They Work [Creator's Tip #92}There are six types of video marketing that a business can use when attracting interest in a product. Which one works best for you? Do all of them work best for you? Are you that kind of video junkie? Read on, and discover a marketing strategy that works.

How UCP WORK Charity Connects Their Story to YouTube [Interview]

Friday, May 3rd, 2013
How UCP WORK Charity Connects Their Story to YouTube [Interview]We talked to Marty Kinrose at UCP WORK, Inc, an affiliate of United Cerebral Palsy that has launched a YouTube channel in the past week. We asked Marty what the challenges of running a charity with no government funding are, and how he hopes YouTube will spread the word.

Original Video Content Impacts Technology Purchasing (REPORT ANALYSIS)

Thursday, November 29th, 2012
Original Video Content Impacts Technology Purchasing (REPORT ANALYSIS)

A recent consumer survey by IDGTechNetwork showed that video plays a vital role in the purchasing decisions of today's electronics and technology consumers. But it's not just standard video advertising that we are talking about. They look for a variety of content that will help them make a better informed decision and then tend to act on the information that they've found. Here's a quick breakdown of the survey results.

Before I talk about the results I wanted to give you a run down of how the data was collected. It was an online survey aimed at 'better understanding the demographic profile of the IDGTechNetwork audience.' The research was done via online invitations to complete the survey by 'editorial stakeholders of sites within the IDGTechNetwork.' The responses were collected from April 30th to August 24th of this year.

IDG TechNetwork is a global network of 500+ niche and mainstream tech sites, comprised of 130 million monthly unique visitors and 1.2 billion monthly impressions—in short, we have a powerful audience that leads spending on consumer technology products. 2,354 readers participated in this survey across a broad cross-section of sites.

With an audience of 130 million unique visitors and 2,354 respondents we get a margin of error right around 2%. Of course, that's about half of the US online audience. It's hard to say what percentage of the online video viewing audience in the US it is though as we don't know if all 130 million of them watch video online monthly. I haven't seen IDG on any comScore or Nielsen report as either a publisher (10th place in May was 11.4M video viewers for Nielsen, comScore is much higher) or an online video ad network.

IDG's Results - Video DOES influence technology purchases

Given the nature of the survey and the reporting of the results, this is another of those research reports that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It seems mainly aimed at garnering more advertising on the site, mostly from consumer electronics companies which makes sense given their main thrust of content publishers.

According to the IDGTechNetwork survey, 90% of the respondents watch video about tech products. In the report they say 9 out of 10 users, but I seriously doubt they polled the whole of their audience. 40% of respondents were classified as "frequent viewers" of consumer tech videos. Whether frequent is daily, weekly or monthly I'm not sure.

Twenty-three percent said they watch video on their mobile phone and 10% stated they prefer ads with video on that platform. It's unclear what their other options for that last one are.

More Than Just Video Ads, Original Custom Content

The type of content that the respondents search for most is far from standard video advertising which should come as no surprise. When looking for information regarding a potential future purchase, 90% of the respondents stated they look for product demos, and reviews as they felt they are valuable. 80% stated the found thought leaderships pieces and expert interviews helpful, and 77% said they believed customer testimonials to be very valuable.

According to the report summary,

Advertisers looking to reach tech enthusiasts should consider original content such as product demos or video reviews to supplement the 30-second-spot.

My Thoughts

Even as a snapshot of a single large publisher network the numbers are fairly interesting. We already know that content is definitely a good way to help drive purchasing and conversions but here we have a report that gives us a better breakdown of what kind of content we can use. There have been other reports in the past talking about customer testimonials and product demos but this is a finer grain look, specifically at those who are purchasing consumer electronics and gadgets.

Here's a look at recent purchases and planned purchases from this audience, taken from the survey. The magenta is purchased in the last 12 months, the orange planned purchases in the next 12 months.

Looking at this, the IDGTechNetwork audience is very well connected, 50% recently bought a new tablet, 63% recently bought a new smartphone. That means they're also connected on the go. Almost a third say they'll buy one of those devices in the near future as well.

I guess the major takeaway from the IDGTechNetwork 2012 Consumer Audience Research survey is what kind of content you should be looking at making based on what you have to sell. Product demos, customer testimonials and thought leadership pieces all seem to have a good amount of value. Now if someone would just do a report tying the cost of those videos to the amount of sales we'd have some good hard numbers to work with.